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Texas Teams Disc Golf Chamionship

109 S. Kaufman
Mt. Vernon, TX 75457

Smith Baptist Association

3226 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX 75701

Lakeview Methodist Conf. Center

400 PR 6036
Palestine, TX 75801-4350

Jacksonville College

105 Albritton Dr.
Jacksonville, TX 75766


215 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60654

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We began doing panoramic photography in 1994 with a cheesy parabolic mirror and a 1st generation digital camera.  A 360 degree panorama from a single image showed very little detail in a grainy photo, but it was the start of something big.  Technology has evolved, and we now create panoramic photos by “stitching” as many as several hundred single images into one full 360 degree panorama, We provide our clients with tours that immerse viewers in our clients' homes and businesses.  By allowing visitors to interact with the tour, we build excitement, familiarity, and comfort with the ultimate goal--to create new business for our clients.

Our virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by savvy business owners and home owners who demand the best virtual tours to showcase their businesses and homes online. As a virtual tour provider using state of the art technology, we can provide you with professional 360° home tours as well as 360° commercial tours in a timely fashion and at reasonable prices.

Call today and let one of our helpful sales representatives talk to you about our virtual tour's capabilities, answer your virtual tour software and hardware questions, and make you feel comfortable about doing business with the best virtual tour company in the world.

How Can Your Business STAND OUT From The Crowd?

September 18, 2013, 5:09 pm

You may have noticed that business has been tough for the better part of the last decade.  The real estate bubble burst, foreclosures ran rampant, and our economy floundered.   We  have to do things differently today in order to attract customers.  The paradigm for doing business has been turned on its head.  No longer can you afford to run an ad in the newspaper and expect to draw a crowd of hungry customers.

Today, businesses must be proactive.  Creativity rules.  You must meet the buyers where they are, not just wait on them to come to you.  To be successful, you have to interact on social media, reach out to prospective buyers via text messages and email, and develop an effective online presence.  How can we do that cost effectively? 

As a business owner, you have to find a way to stand out from the rest of the sellers in the market.  Interactive Media Virtual Tours have become the de facto starting point for buyers.  We are a television-conditioned society.  We want short , sweet blocks of visually pleasing information.  At TotalTour 360, we produce virtual tours of businesses, event venues, and products in the ArkLaTex area.

The mantra of the real estate broker (LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION) holds true today.  It just refers to a different type of location.

Imagine for a moment that a potential customer is reading the paper.  She sees the ad your competitor placed.  Next to his ad is yours.  It contains a special block of black and white patches.  Picking up her smartphone, she scans that block (called a QR Code-for quick response).  The front door to your business quickly fills her screen.  By panning the picture, she sees the shopping center where your business is located.  With a tap on her screen, she enters your foyer, sees you and hears you welcome her.  From there she navigates throughout your business.  She sees the aisles of products, moves down the aisles looking at individual products, and clicks on them for more information.  She was even able to listen to customers like her praise your customer service. She visited your location virtually, became familiar with your brick-and-mortar store, and had the opportunity to even buy online, all from the comfort of her own living room!  You met her on her own turf. That is the RIGHT location to be found.

Our tours can literally break down the barrier of “the unknown.”    After her virtual visit, she will feel right at home when she actually sets foot inside your business.

We will produce a tour of your business for you quickly and inexpensively.  When you tell us to start, we will bring our specialized cameras and equipment to your  home.  We can  photograph stunning 360 degree panoramic images along with high dynamic range still images of your business and products.  We’ll then combine the images you have us produce into an online presentation that can tirelessly work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It can be used on a website created specifically for your business or viewed directly from the link I will provide you.  We host the entire tour on our high capacity interactive imaging servers so you never have to worry about bandwidth or how many people are viewing your tour at the same time. 

You can email the link we give you to your friends and family, give the link to your employees to share, and utilize it on your facebook page or other social media sites.  We even have tour packages where your tour can be syndicated to many sites.  Have us produce a YouTube version, and you will be able to harness the power of the thirdd largest search engine in the world.  Who knows, maybe your tour will be the next viral video.

The investment in your business' virtual tour can be as little as $199.  This price even includes the first six months hosting on our high capacity servers.

Call us today at 903.586.7541 to learn more!

Posted by Michael Cummins at 5:09 pm